At Matt and Jeff's Car Wash we conserve water by
recycling keeping our bays free of soapy water. 

Owner operated since 1996 Matt and Jeff are always
onsite to insure the best customer service. 


Car Washes

Pride is in the quality of the work

You vehicle is pampered as it passes through our wash process. Gentle soaps and conditioners coax off dirt and grime easily as you vehicle slips through our tunnel. Once out front work begins on vacuuming, cleaning the windows, and wiping down the interior. Done quickly and professionally, you’ll be on your way in no time.


Auto Detailing


With our interior detailing service we can deep clean the hard to get areas of vehicles using our state of the art steam cleaning machines. No harsh chemicals or detergents are used in the process.  We can eliminate odor from smoke, mildew, and kids smelly socks that have been left for months underneath the seat. Enjoy that fresh and clean smell of a new car all over again.

Unlimited Wash Club Packages

Best value for your investment

Your vehicle is a big part of your life. Keeping it clean is the hard part. Take the hassle free approach when it comes to maintaining that sparkle. Our monthly “unlimited wash club” rates can’t be beat anywhere. Enjoy unlimited service for one low price.


Gas Pumps


We help support School Fuel by donating .01¢ for every gallon of gas our customers purchase. To date we have raised over $170,000 for Novato Public Schools. Our pumps are open 24 hours a day, and you can save .20¢ a gallon with the purchase of any of our car wash services.


Scrubbing bugs in Novato.

Matt & Jeff grew up in the Marin community, which is how they have come to value their customers as friends.  That's why they chose their location in Novato's convenient Vintage Oaks shopping center.